5 Business Card Ideas That Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Posted on December 28, 2019 1:17 PM
BCMBlog5 Business Card Ideas That Can Make Your Business Stand Out

It is practically impossible to separate the image and reputation of your business from your business card. Your business card can create an impression that determines whether your business will fall into the category of “many” or would stand out among others.

A business card is one of the major tools that can determine the stand of your business with your prospects or targeted audience. It is important to note that most business lines have turned out to be very competitive industries in recent times where you have to beat your competitors to stand out. If your business card can stand out among the multitude of many, then you can be sure that your business will also stand out and get noticed by your prospects.

Here are 5 business card ideas that can make your business stand out, and likewise single you out among your competitors.

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  1. Creativity: For your business card to stand out, you need to be creative in a way that expresses you! When people read through your business card, it has to feel like you are talking to them for you to connect with them. You have to get creative about your card and not follow the normal trend. The creativity displayed in your card will tell people more about you and how well you can express yourself.
  2. Consider The Size of Your Business Card: It appears simple and irrelevant, right? Think about the business cards you now; they all mostly have the same size right? This is exactly why you need to slightly vary the size of your business card to make it stand out among others. It is not necessary you dramatically change the size of the card. Too big or too small can have a contrary effect. However, a slight variation in your business card compared to others might be all you need to make a difference.
  3. Get a Custom Card That Represents Your Business: Imagine you run a transport business, and your business card is taking the shape of a car. Without even reading through, one can easily tell what the business represents. Going the extra mile to get a card that uniquely represents your business can leave your prospects with the impression that you are capable of giving them that extra touch they desire.
  4. Use an Attractive but Easy to Read Font: The type and size of fonts on your business card can affect how your prospects view you and your business. The font size and font type can either help them create interest to read or piss them off to ignore.
  5. Consider Using a Thicker and Different Material: It is a very common trend among business owners to use regular card stock for their business card to save cost and print more. But this is exactly where you can use it to your advantage against your competitors. Printing your cards on a thicker paper, or better still on plastic will make it stand out.


An individual can get 4 to 5 business cards per day, and yours might be one of them. The ability of your card to stand out among many might be all you need to gain a competitive advantage in your business niche. Therefore, making your business card stand out can directly make your business stand out.

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