Best Business Card Design of the Past Decade

Posted on May 28, 2020 10:57 AM
BCMBlogBest Business Card Design of the Past Decade

The past decade was filled with a lot of activities in the business world. There was a lot of evolution, including the boom of digital marketing. Most of these changes were as a result of the enormous competition in businesses of various niches. Business cards were part of this progress. Despite digital marketing invading the business scene, the use of business cards still maintained its relevance. In fact, creativity in business cards has significantly improved in the last ten years.

While some business cards evolved, designers were also able to come up with new designs. Consequently, a lot of significant activities occurred in the domain of business card designs. Here are some of the best business card designs of the past decade.

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  1. Shape-Defying designs: The traditional business card designs have specific sizes. They are usually rectangular. The past decade, however, experienced a transition from the regular shape, and the evolved shape designs of business cards in the previous decade range from squares to circles. Some models even employ the use of specific forms that are related to the brands.
  2. Business Card Designs With Illustrations: Illustrations are one of the evolved trends in business cards over the last decade. The use of illustrations is aimed at transforming a transactional piece into an individual item. Designers often use it to create a level of interaction with the recipients of the cards. Illustrations can cover the entire surface of the card or used or centered on the logo. Regardless of its dimension, illustration will aid easy connection between your card and the recipients.
  3. Engraved Business Cards: Before the past decade, letterings are always at the same level as the surface of the card. However, the texts were modified to be slightly higher or lower than the surface of the card. This innovation gave birth to one of the best designs in this past decade. This design finds a way to blend the old and evolving designs. Engraving designs makes lettering unique and attractive.
  4. Colored Edge Designs: The traditional business cards usually have white edges. In the best scenario, the tips will be the same color with the background of the card. However, the addition of shades to the side of the card increases its tactility. Also, this design adds dimensionality to business cards. Adding colors to the edge of your business card will also make it stand out even among the stacks of several business cards.
  5. Bold and Big Letterings: In the bid to create unique designs, designers employed big and bold letters to create an impression. The use of big and bold fonts will make it difficult for potential clients to overlook your business card. Even amidst many, the card with the more prominent and bolder lettering will quickly get the attention even. Likewise, the creativity in this type of font will increase the possibility of the information getting stored up in the subconscious mind.



The use of business cards is still relevant, even with the advent of digital marketing. Although some new designs emerge and others evolve over the past decade; the roles of the business card remain intact. However, the high competition in various business niches led to the innovation of several business card designs. These tweaks and improvements over the past decade gave a lot of surprising designs. The list above contains some of the best designs from the decade.

As we look forward to more creative business card designs, you can tap from these designs and apply them to your plans. This improvement can keep you slightly above your competitors in the highly competitive and saturated market.

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