Common Business Card Design Mistakes

Posted on February 19, 2020 9:48 AM
BCMBlogCommon Business Card Design Mistakes
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Regardless of how online network marketing and other forms of advertisement are rising in recent times, the use of business cards remains an effective way to reach out to your audience and maintain contact. A good business card should carry vital information about you and your brand, tell the audience what you and your business stands for, as well as giving out information on how your audiences can contact you.

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Since your business card can travel farther than you can imagine and, it can affect the people’s perspective about your brand, then you should avoid making some obvious mistakes. Some mistakes can hinder your business cards from yielding a positive result. Here are 5 common business cards you should avoid.

  1. Bad Font Selection: The legibility of the fonts in your business card is very important. It is not just about how beautiful the fonts appear on your card, it is also about how readable it is. Never prioritize the design of the fonts over its legibility. Likewise, the font size also has a very important role to play in its readability. Tiny fonts might discourage your audience from reading through the card.
  2. How Well Do The Card Reflect Your Brand?: How well your card reflects your business has a significant impact on the audiences’ perception of your business. You must include elements that reflect your business on your card. These elements include your brand logo, brand colour [If any], brand name, and slogan, among others.
  3. Confusing Information Arrangement: A lot of people often make the mistake of placing the information on their business card randomly with no priority at all. The information on your card should not be disorganized or clumsy. Proper data arrangement on your business card will make it easier for your audience to read and grab the information written on it. In general, you can let your data flow in order of name, title, company, and company information.
  4. Omitting Social Network Information: The world is rapidly moving towards the digital edge. Your online presence improves the ease of accessibility should your potential client decide to contact you. Omitting your social media account on your card can be to your detriment because some people might prefer to contact you this way. So, try to include your social media links [Avoid the use of URL] on your business card.
  5. Not enough White Space: A clumsy layout on your card can make it too unattractive. The placement of your visual identity can strongly affect how easily your card will pass your desired information. In case you are wondering what white space is, white space is the space around the images and texts on your card. Concisely composed information with sufficient white space can team up to give a visually appealing business card.


Business cards are very useful in propagating your business and maintaining virtual contact with your potential clients. However, common mistakes can prevent the card from fulfilling its desired purpose. You can get the best possible results from the use of business cards by avoiding these mistakes.

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