How to put your socials on business cards

Posted on October 16, 2019 3:59 PM
BCMBlogHow to put your socials on business cards

Social Media are nowadays an important tool to make your business grow and reach more clients and prospects. Most small companies use social media as the main channel to succeed in their business, and this is why you probably want to add your socials on the business card.

The good news is that is possible to add your social media on your business card using Business Cards Maker! I will show you three possible ways to do it most easily.

So, choose your favorite template, and let’s get started!

Method #1

All of our templates come with a standard text box containing the email, phone number, address, and website. You can double click it and add more lines with the respective social media URL or delete some of the lines if you won’t use it, and substitute by the one with the social media URL.

Add more lines to the standard text box

Try not to use huge URLs, but if it is inevitable, you can reduce the font size until the URL fits well on your card’s layout.

Reduce font sizes if it doesn’t fit

Method #2

You can also create a new text box to use exclusively for social media. In the example below, I will show you how you can achieve this in 3 simple steps.

    1. Move the standard text box to the top to create space for the social media box. Just select the text box, click and drag the “move” icon on the top left corner of the text box, and push it a few millimeters to the top.

Add a new text layer by clicking on the “Add Text” button on the side panel. After that, drag the new text layer to the bottom of the box you moved on step 1.

Click on the add text button

Now you can double-click the new text box and insert the desired social media URL. You can change the font family, font size, and colors to make the new text look like the other texts on the card.

Quick tip!

You can also use “” instead of, so the URL will be shorter. Instagram also has a shorter URL, “”. Unfortunately, Twitter’s short url “” don’t work for usernames.

Method #3

I think this is the most simple, but the most good looking and clean option you can have with Business Cards Maker.

If you have the same user names on all of your social media, it will be a lot easier to show up your social media without adding a huge amount of text on your card. Just insert a line with the sentence “Follow us! @mycompany”. It’s already a common sense for internet users that the @ symbol means the social media username, so don’t be afraid to use this method.

Soon on Business Cards Maker: the 4th method.

The Business Card Maker’s team doesn’t stop working. We are still working on a lot of updates to launch them as they’re getting developed, and one of them will be the possibility to add social media icons on the card, so you can have one more alternative to display your socials on the business card.

Stay tuned!

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