Questions to ask when making your business card

Posted on June 29, 2020 6:50 PM
BCMBlogQuestions to ask when making your business card
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Business card designs play a significant role in the output of your card. There are tons of creative and design ideas that you would come across while designing your business card. While creativity is right in your business card, it must also answer some critical questions. A business card should not just be about a fancy outlook. It would be best if you asked some salient questions while designing your business card.

The answers to these questions will guide you through getting a perfect card design to suit your needs. Here are some crucial questions to ask when making your business card.

  1. What details should I include on my business card: The difference between your business card and a random piece of paper is the information on it. An ideal business card will only fulfill its primary task when you have the right information written on it. This question will help you come up with relevant information that will improve your card’s effectiveness. Everything else aside, your necessary business information isn’t optional. The essential information that should be on your business card includes your contact information, name, job title, company name, and logo.
  2. What size should my business card be: The size of a sound business card is dependent on an individual. While there is flexibility with the size of the business card, it should neither be too big nor too small. The average size of a business card is usually 85×55 cm. You can, however, attach a slight variation to this. Nevertheless, the business card should be handy enough for you to carry about. But it should be sizable enough not to get misplaced by your recipients easily.
  3. What are the best fonts for my business card: The font on the business card is a huge determining factor for a business card. It is essential because it determines the clarity and readability of the card. It will go a long way in determining if your business card will catch the attention of the audience or not. Use clear fonts that wouldn’t be difficult for the audience to read.
  4. What shape should my business card take: Just like the size of the business card, the form of the card is not restricted. You can make the shape of your business card as creative as possible. You can even let the way of your business card reflect your business entity. Also, importantly, you should make the shape of the card flow with the overall design.
  5. Whom are you targeting: This question is essential for your business card. It can be the determinant of the right answer to other questions about your designs. The target audience should influence your decisions. Always remember that you are not trying to please yourself with your model. You are trying to connect with your audience, even in your absence.
  6. How do I design my business card: There are no standard rules for developing your business card as long as you keep the basics. Use appropriate fonts and color mix and use proper size and shape. Keep this together in the most creative way possible, and you will have one of the best and unique business card designs.


A business card can be an excellent visual representation of your business. It can help you connect with your audience and maintain this connection even in your absence. Consequently, the orientation of your designs should be in this direction. Your business card should answer some curious questions that would most likely ask. The questions above will aid your design to give you an active business card.

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