The Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards

Posted on April 27, 2020 9:21 AM
BCMBlogThe Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards
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Business cards are one of the essential elements of business advertisement. Regardless of the modern digital age, physical business cards are still beneficial, especially with new and potential clients. Aside from the fact that business cards are useful for advertisement, it can also serve as a powerful branding tool for businesses. It can carry robust information that can succinctly tell a new and potential client about whom you are, what you are, and what you stand for.

However, for your business card to achieve all this, you must make sure you present the business card the right way. To ensure you are showing your business card the right way, you should understand the dos and don’ts of your business cards.

Understanding the dos and Don’ts of business cards will help you increase the level of professionalism, show details, and catch the attention of the target audience.

The Dos of Business Card

While designing your business card, ensure you consider and do the following;

  1. Choose Readability Over Decoration: Decoration with colors, fancy fonts, lettering, and all are beautiful, but your priority should be about passing your information effortlessly. Keep the font type simple and make it large enough for anybody to read. Your target audience shouldn’t need a special aide to read the information written on your card.
  2. Choose Your Layout Carefully: The layout of a business is another factor that can define how well your business card will appeal visually. Choose an arrangement that will distinctly show all information without being clumsy and a layout that will be appropriate for the size of your business card.
  3. Choose a Professional Design: As long as you will be using your business cards for professional purposes, it is essential to go for professional designs. The design of your card must suit the purpose of advertisement and branding.
  4. Double-Check The Typos: Typographical errors or similar errors on your business cards can be detrimental to its purpose. Invariably, it is essential to cross-check your business card for all possible errors before giving them out.

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The Don’ts Of Business Cards

As you have several things you must do to your business cards, so are some things you shouldn’t do. The don’ts of business cards include;

  1. Don’t Ever Leave Out Your Contact Information: One of the important components of a business card is your contact information. Therefore it is essential not to leave it out nor write it with negligible fonts. One of the main aims of giving out your card is to leave your client and potential client with a means of keeping in touch.
  2. Don’t Add Random Images To Your Business Card: Your logo and a few photos that reflect your brand should do. Too many images on your logo can give room for uncertainty and clumsiness on your card.
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Color Mix In The Guise Of Decoration Or Creativity: Too many colors or uncomplimentary colors can make your business card unattractive and unappealing to sight. It is best you make use of your brand color as the major color if you have a brand color.
  4. Don’t Use UV Or Other Glossy Coatings For Your Business Card: Most target audiences would most likely receive tens of business cards every day and they tend to just drop it in their purse or pocket. The kind of coating you give your business card will determine its durability among others. The target audience will most likely take a look at the longest standing one in terms of durability.
  5. Don’t Let Your Card Get Clumsy With Too Many Information: It is a common act for business cards to be loaded with too much information. Aside from the fact that it will make the business card look less attractive, it also increases the probability of your audience skipping the vital information. Only vital information like your contact information, office and business address, as well as brand name and logo.


Every part of a business card ranging from size, font, to layout is all critical to the professionalism of the card. All the aspects of the business cards should come together to help you connect with your new and potential clients, as well as other target audiences. You must ensure you understand, consider, and follow the Dos and Don’ts of business cards for it to fulfill its advertising and branding functions.

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