Types Of Business Cards

Posted on March 22, 2020 1:44 PM
BCMBlogTypes Of Business Cards

Business cards are one of the vital pieces of marketing collateral. It is a small card that often connects a business to potential customers. Business cards usually contain crucial information about business and business owners, and they are often handed to clients, potential clients, partners, potential partners, and so on.

This business card comes in different variations, and each of these business cards has distinct and unique features. The most commonly used type of business card includes;

  1. Standard Business Cards: A standard business card needs to exhibit your brand, connect with clients and potential clients, and provide contact information. In summary, all the details provided in standard business cards are well standardized. The shape of a standard business card is usually rectangular, and they are often 3.5 x 2 inches. The printing and paper are typically non-coated. The colors are traditionally cream on one side and the company’s color on the other side.
  2. Premium Business Cards: Premium business card often shows the premium look of your business to whoever is reading through the card. The standard of a premium card can vary depending on your budget. It uses a die-cut that makes it stand out, and it can take different shapes, including square. It can even take the form that reflects the type of business. The printing and paper are usually matte or high gloss, and the colors can be predominantly your brand color.
  3. Matte Business Card: the most significant feature of a Matte business card is its paper material. The matte business card often speaks for itself because it has the feel of satin or silk. The matte business card regularly exhibits a high quality that can reflect the quality of your business.
  4. Gloss Business Card: Gloss business card is a perfect option for those who are in the fashion, beauty care, design, and other related niches. This card is unique because it accommodates images that can reflect your business. Gloss’s business card also intensifies the color of your business card. The glossy paper used also ensures the durability of the card.
  5. Embossed Business Card: A key feature of an embossed business card is its high level of professionalism, and superior look. The embossed business card allows you to highlight the essential elements in your card. It is a sophisticated business card that matches up with the digital advancement in the business world.


Although most forms of advertisements have now gone digital, it does not still mitigate the effect of a perfect business card on business. There are different types of business cards available, and each of them has unique features and design. The choice of business card type can be mostly dependent on the business type and the personality of the business owner.

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